When your man wants beef, fire up the smoker!

Today was one of those few and far in between days where Omar actually said he wanted something specific for dinner!  I was so happy!  I don’t know about you, but sometimes that makes my life so much easier.  I didn’t have to put a whole lot of thought into coming up with something new, or repeating a recipe… I just made what he wanted! My man wanted steak, so he got a steak!  This recipe is easy breezy… You could probably do it with your eyes closed!

Fresh Market had NY Strips on sale today, so that’s what we had.  Please feel free to use your favorite cut of beef.

If you’re new to grilling or using a smoker, the link below is a great way to learn how to make the perfect steak.




*Let your steaks sit out and get room temp while you fire up the grill or smoker.

*Season your meat!  I’m just a salt and pepper kind of girl if it’s a really good (organic, high quality) piece of meat.  Season with whatever you like most.  If it’s a tougher piece of meat, I’m probably going to make a sauce to dip it in.  I’m just sayin’.

use this one     finished steak on smoker2

*Cook your meat according to your preference.  I LOVE medium-rare.  I will admit, our steak was a tad bit over cooked tonight, but delicious nonetheless.  We gobbled it right up!   I served it with roasted veggies and a cucumber and tomato salad.





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