Slovenia, Montenegro, & Bosnia

While on our Croatian Vacation, we took several day trips into other countries and cities throughout Croatia.  Day trips are a GREAT way to be able to see a few quick touristy things in other countries that are nearby.  When Omar and I travel we always have to compromise on one thing:  half of the trip has to be educational while the other half of the trip can be leisurely and relaxing. (Ex: I can lay on the beach and swim and tan all day while he drinks the indigenous beers without any bitching!)  When you’re in a small country like Croatia, it’s easy to hire a driver (or find a tourist agency and jump on a big bus with a bunch of other people from all over the world!) and see another country for the day.  So, that’s what we did!  We hired a driver – whom was totally awesome – and he took us to Slovenia for the day!


We drove from Zagreb to the capital city of Ljubljana where we had a tour guide that showed us around the city center for about an hour.  Afterwards, we drove to a place called Bohinj, and then to Lake Bled.  Lake Bled is stunningly beautiful! It’s the cutest little town with a great big lake that has gorgeous mountains in the background, cute shops, restaurants, and hotels.  If we lived near this area, we would totally go here for weekend get-a-ways!





The day we went to Montenegro is was super overcast and dreary out so we didn’t get the best of pictures… we still had a good time though!  Because the weather didn’t really cooperate that day, we didn’t get to see too terribly much.  We walked around the city center (don’t you just love those city centers in the big cities of European countries?!) and had lunch overlooking some mountains and water!





We took a water ferry while in Montenegro too… I honestly cannot remember why or what we did???  I need to ask Omar….but this was a pic of us on the ferry!  🙂




Bosnia & Herzegovina

On to our last day trip to another country… My boyfriend (now husband) just HAD to go to freakin’ Bosnia.  He’s one of these travelers that HAS to go where no one else goes… I get it.  Really, I do.  And sometimes, that’s a cool thing to do.  BUT….Bosnia?!  I fought him on this day trip – as I did NOT want to go at all.  Clearly, I lost this battle.  So, on our way there… we were in a van with like 10 other people from other countries.  We got to the border of Bosnia and got stuck there for TWO FREAKIN’ HOURS.  Because the “Border Patrol” people could NOT understand WHY in the hell we would want to be coming into their country.  Let me just say, these border patrol people were not the least bit friendly as they stood there with their machine guns and never cracked a smile, much less a smirk.  I literally wanted to kill my then boyfriend for making us do this day trip.  Two hours later, they let us through – with NO passport stamp – if you know my husband, you know a passport stamp is a BIG deal, people!  I mean, who gets a Bosnia passport stamp?!?!  Ummm… NOBODY!!!  They don’t stamp!!!  Maybe they do if you fly into the country…but driving?  Not so much!  Oh!  And to make things even worse… once we got through the border, our driver was flying up this mountain, came just close enough to another car and the side mirror of the van FLEW off.  Scared the absolute sh*t out of me.  If looks could kill, my husband would’ve died that day.  Thankfully, they don’t… so he’s still here with me!  He realized then that that particular day trip wasn’t one of his best ideas….. Here are a few of our Bosnia pictures.

Look closely and you can see bullet holes in this building from the war.



This is a Cathedral that sits next to a Mosque in Mostar (pictured next)… One thing about Bosnia is that the people are very friendly with each other and their religious differences… there’s no animosity towards anyone no matter how you believe.  In the world we live in today, it’s good to see things like this.



The Old Bridge in Mostar…


Thankfully we made it back to Dubrovnik safe and sound from this day trip!   🙂



  1. Evangelina says:

    Haha, I like your boyfriends adventure spirit. We went to Bosnia as well. Later this year we will be going to Uzbekistan. He might like that too. 🙃
    Did people jump of the bridge? I actually thought Bosnia was very interesting and the people were incredibly friendly and welcoming.

    • He is definitely adventurous! Did you go to Mostar? Uzbekistan?! Wow! We didn’t see anyone jumping off the bridge, but we heard about it! The few people we met were very friendly! 🙂

      • Evangelina says:

        We did go to Mostar. I think most people go there for a day trip coming from Croatia.
        Yep, Uzbekistan. It looks amazing, like a fairytale and is not over run by tourists yet.

      • Evangelina says:

        Sorry, forgot, we did see young guys jump off the bridge. Kinda scary. They will jump for tips.

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