In May of 2015, me and my hubby went to Ireland for our honeymoon!  I know, I know… You’re probably thinking, “That doesn’t sound very romantic!”  Well… it was!  It was actually one of the BEST – if not the BEST trip we’ve ever been on together! We decided on Ireland for a few reasons:  1. My husband has been to SO MANY countries.  It was a country he, nor I, had not been to yet.  2.  We (he) really loves “off the beaten path” trips.  You know, trips very few people go on… I know people go to Ireland, but who goes there on their honeymoon?!!?  3.  We live in South Florida where we can go to the beach year-round and refused to go to some island.  We just agreed and booked it!  And let me tell you, it was AMAZING and I would do it over again a thousand times!

We started our trip off in Dublin for a couple of days.  We visited the Guinness Storehouse Brewery where they make the BEER… I’m not going to lie – this place was awesome!  You walk through and learn exactly how it’s made and end with learning how to pour the perfect draft beer.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  I highly recommend visiting here.





We checked out the Temple Bar while in Dublin!  Super cute pub in the middle of all the nightlife and restaurants.  One thing I love about Europe is the people know how to drink properly… you never/rarely see anyone embarrassingly drunk.  Everyone is just there to have a little sippy, chill, and socialize with their friends.  We loved the pubs that had live music too!  Everyone we met in Ireland was SO friendly!!!

temple bar


When we left Dublin, we rented a car for the rest of our trip.  I’m not going to lie, I was super nervous about this at first.  They drive on the opposite side of the road and clearly we aren’t used to this!   I have to say, my hubs did a fantastic job driving us through the country!  We only hit a couple of curbs in the beginning!  How about those                     round-a-bouts?!  Those were a little bit confusing at first…but we got the hang of it quickly!  Hahaha!  After driving through some beautiful countryside, we made our way to Cork!   Cork isn’t the most impressive city in Ireland, but we went to the Blarney Castle which was a lot of fun!!  If you go to Ireland, this is a must see as well!  This castle dates back to before 1200, but it’s been sold and changed hands a number of times.  Once you get inside and walk up to the very top, they have the Blarney Stone which is the Stone of Eloquence… this is where you hang upside down and kiss the stone.  Kissing the stone is said to give the gift of eloquence, but I’m going to be real honest here… I’m a bit of clean freak when it comes to the germs of other people and really didn’t want to put my lips on some stone that millions of other people had allegedly kissed…so I pretended!   🙂   We only spent one night here…the hotel we stayed at was not my favorite.

A few fun “I’m trying not to freak out by my husband’s driving skills” pictures!!!


Cool, calm, and collective!  Now… On to the Blarney Castle!

blarney castle3

blarney castle9

blarney castle5blarney castle7

blarney castle8

blarney castle


This was one of my favorite places!  We stayed in an old Victorian style hotel that was walking distance to the city center.  We had the most AMAZING massages here and the food was DELICIOUS!!!  Actually, the food was delicious throughout the whole country, but I really loved it here.  Killarney is known for the Ring of Kerry which is a scenic drive around the Iveragh Peninsula in southwest Ireland’s County Kerry.  Our pictures really do it no justice.  We were so grateful because the day we did this, the weather was absolute perfection!!!   If I remember correctly, it took us right at 6 hours to drive the whole thing.



Galway reminds me of a smaller Dublin, a less touristy version… super cute city center with pubs, cafes, restaurants, and shops.  There’s nothing better than people watching at a cafe sipping on a cappuccino!  We took a boat ferry to the Cliffs of Moher and spent the whole day there.  It was a bit overcast and super cold, but we had a wonderful time.

cliffs of moher4

cliffs of mohercliffs of moher3cliffs of moher5

Last, but certainly not least… pictures of some of the food we ate and drank while on our honeymoon!


Steak & Potatoes


I don’t remember what this was?!  But it looks delish!  🙂



Shepherds Pie


Chocolate Crepes!!!


Fish & Chips


We ended our trip leaving out of Shannon… I can’t sing enough praise of this trip, the country/people, and the food.  Every trip we’ve been on seems to get better and better!  Now, do yourself a favor and go visit Ireland!!!  It’s a beautiful country, with super friendly people, delicious food and beer, and amazing homemade breads!!!

wifey - hubby



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