Denmark & Sweden


We took our very first family – party of 3 – vacation to Denmark and Sweden in November of 2016.  I feel like I say this on every trip… BUT…this was quite possibly our best trip yet.  I think because we learn so much of the do’s and don’t do’s from each trip before it makes the next one even better!  My husband is the designated “Mr. Plan-the-trip”.  I think he may have missed his calling for being a travel agent… He researches for HOURS.  He finds the best deals.  He finds the “must do/see” in each country…as well as what food and drinks we need to try.  And per my request, he always finds us a great hotel to stay in!  People thought we were nuts for taking our then 14 month old to another country…but clearly – we really don’t care what people think.  We love to travel and experience other cultures and we want our little girl to start experiencing these things at an early age.  Let me just say, she was a rock star on this trip!  She went with the flow of the trip so perfectly.  We were in complete awe of her.  This was our first time going to Europe in the fall/winter.  We chose this time of year because living in South Florida you have NO change of seasons whatsoever… we thought it would be fun to go somewhere a little bit chilly!

Let me just say – Copenhagen is by far one of my favorite cities.  The people are super friendly.  It’s pretty easy to get around.  And the food is amazing!  If you ever go to Copenhagen, here are some must sees that we did and highly recommend.  We stayed at the Absalon Hotel.  It was a 10 minute walk to the city center one way and a 10 minute walk to the meat district in the opposite direction.  For us, it was a perfect location.  The staff at the hotel were friendly and always helpful, but  I will say the rooms here are TINY!  If you’re just using your room to shower and sleep in, it’s really no biggy…  We spent 4 nights in Copenhagen.

So… Here’s what we did: Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn, the Rosenborg Castle, and the Christmas Market.

Tivoli Gardens:

Is a famous amusement park and is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world.  This place was so much fun!  They have lots of rides, cute shops, and so many restaurants and cafes to choose from to eat at.  They also have a little aquarium where we got to watch them feed a sting ray.  Going in November is awesome too because they have it decorated for Christmas!  It was truly a beautiful place to go and spend the day.  We absolutely LOVED it!  We’re already planning a trip to go back when Gaby gets a little bit bigger so she can truly experience Tivoli Gardens.tivoli4


xmas 9tivoli traintivoli


Is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen.  It has beautiful colored buildings, restaurants, bars/cafes, and the BEST street food EVER!!!

xmas 3

nyhavn2nyhavngloggWhile in Copenhagen, we were introduced to a drink called Glogg… OMG!!!  It’s SO GOOD!!  Glogg is a mulled wine that’s served warm… some people add raisins and slivered almonds to it… while others serve it with a shot of brandy.  Let me just say – when you want to get warm fast, have a cup or two of Glogg!  It’ll warm you right up!  glogg2

Rosenborg Castle:

Is a renaissance castle where the King and Queen’s jewels are held.  Okay, so this castle was beautiful inside and out…you got to walk around, see all of the furnishings/pictures, etc…They let you walk through all levels of the castle, but I’m almost 100% sure this castle was haunted.  Our little girl screamed bloody murder the whole time we were there.  This was so out of the ordinary for her – she’s not the kind of kid that screams for no reason. She wasn’t sick, wasn’t hungry (we had just eaten), wasn’t ready for a nap… We could not figure out what was wrong with her.  The people that worked there were clearly annoyed with us and kept hushing us…so we took the hint and walked through rather quickly.  As soon as we walked outside Gaby was back to normal!  She started running in the grass, chasing birds, and having a blast.  It was the WEIRDEST thing ever.  So, if you go and your kid screams out of the ordinary… remember this!

xmas 4 (2)palacepalace2

The Christmas Market:

We LOVED the Christmas Markets…it was located right in the middle of the city center.  They sold all kinds of homemade goodies and treats…and had delicious street food with Glogg and indigenous beers.  We loved going here so much, we went several times!

christmas market2christmas market3christmas market

Our last night in Copenhagen, we were walking through the City Center and came across a place to get pedicures, called Kiss Fish.  My husband and I LOVE pedicures!  When we walked in we realized it was a little bit different than what we were used to…You stick your feet down in these tubs of warm water and these little bitty fish nibble on your feet!  WEIRD!!!  Totally weird!!!  But it actually felt really good…We laughed the entire time!

kiss fish

Food we ate in Copenhagen:


We took a train from Copenhagen to Stockholm that took us about 5 hours.  Gaby’s first train ride…she’s in deep thought about something!  🙂

train ride

My girl… cannot put into words how much I love her.   ❤

train ride2

On to Stockholm…

Stockholm is absolutely adorable!  We stayed at the Sheraton Stockholm…which was right up my alley 🙂  It was in a perfect location to everything – train station, city center, cafes, restaurants, etc…


When we got off the train we were a five minute walk away from the hotel and it was centrally located within a five minute walk to Gamla Stan where all the shops, cafes, and restaurants are.  We spent three nights here before our wonderful, first family vacation came to an end.  On our first day in Stockholm we went to Skansen Open Air Museum.  We spent the whole day here and had a BLAST!!!  Skansen is very kid-friendly.  They have a mini zoo with a few animals and when we were there, they had a Christmas Market going on too!  Scandinavia at Christmastime is just the best!  I would go back every year if I could.

skansen open air museumIMG_3993skansen open air museum2skansen open air museum3

While walking around Gamla Stan one afternoon, we came across the Royal Palace (by accident) and got to see the changing of the guard!  That was so fun to see!  How cute are they?!

royal palace in sweden - changing of the guardroyal palace in sweden

Our last day in Stockholm we went to the Christmas Market in Gamla Stan…It was FREEZING that day and Gaby got to see her very first snow!  SNOW IN STOCKHOLM!!!

christmas market in sweden4christmas market in sweden3christmas market in sweden2christmas market in sweden

IMG_3967snow in sweden

Food we ate in Stockholm…

food - reindeer

Our first time eating Reindeer!

food - wild boar

And…our first time eating Wild Boar!



Swedish Cinnamon Rolls – absolutely delicious!


Our first Swedish meal was at the cutest restaurant… The waiter/owner was so sweet to Gaby!


I can’t wait till we go back to Denmark and Sweden!  They’re beautiful countries with wonderful people, delicious food, and a lot of fun things to explore!  Note:  these are not cheap countries to go to, but in my opinion – totally worth the money!  In Denmark, you pay a 25% sales tax on everything.  I can’t remember if it’s the same in Sweden?  Save up some money and go!  I’m so thankful I’m married to a man that will save up and take us around the world.  Life is all about experiences…Make the most of yours and enjoy the ride!  Until next time…



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