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Thanksgiving Buddha Bowl

Thanksgiving Buddha Bowl2This Buddha bowl might possibly be one of my favorites to date.  IT’S SO SO SO GOOD!!! I probably should’ve called this my “leftover” Thanksgiving Buddha Bowl… I’m sure you get my drift.  If you’ve been following along last week, I’ve made a few new side dishes that I think will be absolute perfection at any holiday meal OR at any meal year round for that matter! After making my side dishes throughout the week, I didn’t want one thing to go to waste.  SO… I thought to myself – Self, let’s make a THANKSGIVING BUDDHA BOWL!!!!  Y’all know I’m all about food in a bowl.  I know.  It’s weird.  And calling it a Buddha Bowl, for some really weird reason, makes me feel just a wee bit healthier!  So, I’m dealing with my weirdness and I’m showing you how to make sure none of those Thanksgiving leftovers go to waste!  🙂

We’re actually going on a little vacay Thanksgiving week, so we’re having PLENTY of holiday foods before we leave!  I’ve been thinking a lot about my mama’s dressing… that will most likely have to be made THIS week!  It’s just the best!  Don’t you just love the holidays?!  Holiday foods, cocktails, seeing friends and family you haven’t seen in a while… ALL of it makes me so happy!

Next week when you have a ton of leftovers, make yourself a  Buddha Bowl….  I think you’re going to LOVE it!!!

Thanksgiving Buddha Bowl3

Thanksgiving Buddha Bowl

  • Servings: How many leftovers do you have?!
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The PERFECT way to eat up all those holiday leftovers!



  1. Warm up your leftovers!  I’m not a fan of using a microwave, so I reheat on top of the stove… reheat however you want!
  2. Add to your bowl.
  3. Now, call it a Buddha Bowl and feel healthy!
  4. Happy Holidays!!!

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