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Garlicky Coconut Greens


We love any kind of food that’s Indian inspired around here.  If it’s loaded with lots of garlic, curry, and coconut milk – bring it on!!!  And bring lots of it!!!  In this blog post I’m giving my favorite reasons as to why you should eat MORE greens!  🙂 Continue reading


Vegan & Gluten Free PB/J Muffins

PBandJ MuffinsHave I ever told you how much I LOATHE the dentist?  Well, I do.  I loathe it.  I hate having some stranger sticking their fingers in my mouth and stretching my jaws, looking ferociously around like I got a stank mouth full of rotten teeth.  I floss and brush daily, boo.  And I do oil pulls like a beast every single day!  All this to say,  Continue reading

Vegan Cranberry Walnut Bread

cranberry walnut bread7I’m a lover of anything in the form of bread.  It’s my weakness.  It can be pancakes, muffins, or biscuits… ANY type of European bread… but when you throw a loaf of homemade bread in the mix – I can’t get enough!  It’s my favorite.  When my kitchen smells like a bakery, I’m one happy girl!  I haven’t made a loaf of bread like this since I was in culinary school.  I’m taking things back to my roots, folks.  Continue reading

Belgium & Luxembourg

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We’ve been back from our trip for almost a month now and I’m just now writing our Khan Family Vacation #2 blog.  As soon as we got home and got over a few days of jet-lag, we got super busy for some weird reason?!  Holiday season, I suppose?!  Get ready!  I’m going to tell you all about the details of our trip, EVERYTHING we did, and of course I shared photos of all of our favorite things we ate and drank!  🙂 Continue reading