Belgium & Luxembourg

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We’ve been back from our trip for almost a month now and I’m just now writing our Khan Family Vacation #2 blog.  As soon as we got home and got over a few days of jet-lag, we got super busy for some weird reason?!  Holiday season, I suppose?!  Get ready!  I’m going to tell you all about the details of our trip, EVERYTHING we did, and of course I shared photos of all of our favorite things we ate and drank!  🙂Let me start off with saying this:  Omar missed his calling as a travel agent/person that puts amazing trips together.  Thankfully, I married him and I get to enjoy this special perk he has!  He has booked our last 3 vacations to Europe on Tripmaster.  We highly recommend using this site.  This is NOT an add, I’m just telling you our experience using Tripmaster has been wonderful each time.  Any questions or concerns we had when booking/planning, they were always quick to help us and answer every little (or big) question we had.  So, if you’re looking to use a travel site that pretty much books everything for you, flights, trains, rental cars, hotels ect. use Tripmaster!  Something we found out when planning this trip is:  the more you use Tripmaster, the more of a deal they give you.  SCORE!!

We stayed at the Thon Bristol Stephanie Hotel and let me just say, mama was happy!  It was rated 4.5 stars on Tripmaster, but we thought it deserved a 5.  It was located in the heart of the shopping district of Brussels which was about a 20, maybe 30 minute walk to the City Center. (Five minute cab ride.)  It was beautiful!  We had plenty of space for all 3 of us in our room with a King size bed and a couch that pulled out into a full size bed for Gabs…which I think she only slept in two times.  Apparently, when you’re on vacation that means you get to sleep with mama and daddy!

24131042_10154955143356479_4583769396836615665_n   24176977_10154955101366479_3017786664143277186_n   24131419_10154955101546479_1551828719235854964_n 24300933_10154955101416479_5003506795563765770_n 24232227_10154955127821479_1556976782046141357_n24232244_10154955127731479_465105264409098193_n

Our very first night in Brussels was spent eating lots of Belgian chocolate, sampling different beers at Taste the Beer, and walking the streets around the City Center.  We stumbled upon Taste the Beer while walking around… It was such a cute spot.  You pay €10 per person, they give you a card that has your money on it, and you pay for each taste as you go.  It was so much fun!  We tasted some really yummy beers, too!  Next up… BELGIAN WAFFLES!!!

24296469_10154955110746479_5571024394325515443_n  24232967_10154955110751479_7486668452158195133_n  24301244_10154955110761479_5619372697884588526_n Clearly, we LOVED Belgian Waffles.  I could eat them  Whipped cream and all… with 3 or 4 cups of coffee!  YUM!!!

The following are just random pictures of Brussels.  We took over 200 pictures, but I’ll do my best not to post all of them!  🙂   Don’t you just LOVE the architecture in European countries?!  Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!!!

24176984_10154955119846479_1698868413945386133_n  24232097_10154955101981479_2388507425045171377_n  24296565_10154955101971479_1570869556802964766_n  24296538_10154955110841479_7788205615107351982_n24294083_10154955111296479_2733254608486768761_n     24300925_10154955111396479_1514569978351675672_n  This is The Mannekin Pis.  It’s a landmark small bronze sculpture in Brussels, depicting a naked little boy urinating into a fountain’s basin. It was designed by Hiëronymus Duquesnoy the Elder and put in place in 1618 or 1619. The current statue dates from 1965.

24232068_10154955120151479_8622135668817170674_n           24232507_10154955137886479_6847159427176707089_n


Pommes Frites



Mussels & Pommes Frites



Belgian Omelette

Bruges, Belgium

We took a train ride into Bruges one day, which was by far one of our favorite cities to visit.  It’s the one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to and at Christmas time it’s just gorgeous!  You can walk from the train station into the city center of Bruges.  It’s about  20 minutes for fast walkers… 30 – 40 minutes for slower walkers or people with a two year old that wants to WALK instead of ride in the stroller.  This was one of the few days we didn’t get rained on the whole day.  Right before we headed back to the train station, it down poured!

bruges  bruges3  bruges2bruges4  bruges5

24131371_10154955129151479_797438631950772337_n bruges6  bruges7  bruges8  bruges9  bruges10        bruges11  bruges12 If you’ve never been to Europe around Christmastime, GO!!!  It’s so beautiful and we LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the Christmas Markets.  They’re kid-friendly and have fun rides to entertain the kids on.  Gaby had a blast!!!  I worried she might get sick from going around in circles on some of the rides for so long, but every time she came around and saw us, she screamed and waved… cutest thing ever!  If you ever go to Belgium, GO to Bruges.  It will not disappoint!  We were actually going to try to go to Ghent, too… we heard really great things about that city, but we were careful with how much we pushed Gaby to do.  Omar’s “family vacations” aren’t very relaxing!  We come home needing a vacation from our vacation!


You may be wondering… WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY GO TO LUXEMBOURG?!  Well, let me tell you.  1.) My husband is very peculiar in his travels.  For example:  If he’s already been to a country before (he has to do a lot of repeats on my behalf), we have made a deal that we’ll hit up another country that he has NOT been to at some point on our vacation.  Thankfully, this can be a day trip if time doesn’t permit us to stay over night.  SO… when he was planning our trip, he decided early on that we would indeed HAVE to go to Luxembourg for a day.  It was a 3 hour train ride from Brussels.  Needless to say, it was a LONG day, but a very good day!  And if you’re wondering how Gaby did on a 3 hour train ride?!  She rocked it!!!  She LOVED riding the “choo choo twain”! Every morning after this trip, she woke up and said, “Come on!  Let’s go ride on the choo choo twain, mommy!”  2.) If you’re not aware of this – Luxembourg is the ONLY country in the world with a Grand Duchy or Grand Duke.  We HAD to go, people!  HAD to go!!!  And we’re so glad we did because we had a wonderful time!!!  We went to a couple different Christmas Markets, saw the Grand Duchy’s Palace (Palace of the Grand Duke), visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, let Gaby ride some rides and jump on a trampoline, and sipped on some mulled wine called Gluhwein to keep warm!

24296593_10154958095566479_241212026180557785_n  24774827_10154958095651479_2966921943482643797_n

24232309_10154958095571479_2752263641474835138_n  24232113_10154958096081479_2661176436072630599_n24301047_10154958096121479_3728144623339356073_n24296668_10154958096331479_6959377809538378159_n24312591_10154958111406479_8695717873719051191_n 24294273_10154958111166479_6985428712278626831_n24301240_10154958111136479_3611045145527438144_n24301185_10154958127816479_2388667087109222632_n 24301407_10154958110941479_7205832025216337490_n 24312398_10154958112591479_4683782343535922112_n

The Palace of the Grand Duchy:

24296377_10154958112221479_4590266830984467082_n  24312942_10154958112326479_1120535583408798427_n  24852276_10154958112316479_3114497771997528484_n

Our very last night in Brussels, we came across the Marche Aux Poisson Christmas Market that we LOVED!  It was huge with so many shops with different handmade crafts, homemade foods and drinks, and MORE rides for Gabs!  This market had a ferris wheel!!  Totally made my hands break out in a sweat, but it was a beautiful view!

24312780_10154955143211479_6244230136616415188_n Marche Aux Poissons Christmas Market Marche Aux Poissons Christmas Market2

And just like that….our family vacation has come to an end.  If you ever get the opportunity, go visit Belgium and Luxembourg!  You will not be disappointed!           Happy Travels!




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