Vodka Spiced Punch

vodka punchIt’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!!  Let’s welcome the weekend and end the week on a yummy note, shall we?!  I’ve noticed that I don’t have hardly any “drink” recipes on my blog.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me and why I’ve neglected this category…but just know things are about to change!  I’m about to start documenting all of our favorite yummy drinks for you!

So, let’s start with THIS one!  I bought this spiced punch at Whole Foods a while back because I knew Omar would love it.  Actually, we both did.  It has such a good flavor and it’s not too terribly sweet either.  (By the way, this is not an AD… I just really loved this punch and wanted to share!)  One night we wanted a cocktail, but I didn’t really have any mixers… until I remembered THIS punch!  YUMMMM!!!

It’s super easy to make… but I will be totally honest with you – I never measure alcohol.  I am what you call a “add a couple splashes here and there, give it a stir, and hope it’s good” kinda cocktail maker! Needless to say, this recipe isn’t going to be very accurate.  Forgive me!  I’ll work on my measurements for the next one!  😉

vodka punch2

Vodka Spiced Punch

  • Servings: 2
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It's 5 o'clock somewhere! Let's have a cocktail!! It has just the right amount of sweet to vodka ratio...with a hint of lime! Enjoy and drink responsibly!!


  • a few splashes of your favorite kind of vodka
  • spiced fruit punch
  • splash of tonic
  • squeeze of fresh lime


  1. for the sugared rim:  use a slice of lime to wet the rim, then dip the glass in sugar
  2. carefully add ice to the glass (you don’t want to mess up your pretty sugared rim!)
  3. add a couple (or few) splashes of vodka
  4. fill the glass up with the punch
  5. add a splash of tonic for a little fizz
  6. and squeeze some fresh lime juice in
  7. give it a little stir and ENJOY!

vodka punch3

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