Deep Dish Pizza

deep dish pizza

This recipe is made in honor of my most favorite 13 year old nephew in the whole entire world, Jackson Clay Williams.  He’s been begging me to make a pizza… WITH meat for a few weeks now.  So, without further ado… Here is my Deep Dish Pizza just for my buddy!  I wish he was here to eat it with us!  We miss you, J-Bone! Continue reading


Chicken Shawarma Delight

chix shawarma

There’s much debate about the origin of this absolutely amazing and delicious dish – Chicken Shawarma.  Is it Mediterranean?  Or is it Middle Eastern?  Personally, I could NOT careless!!!  All I think about it is this:  It is freakin DELICIOUS and it’s one of my favorite things to eat!  Anything stuffed into some pita bread and covered with a garlicky yogurt sauce is perfection in my book. Continue reading