One-Pot Curry Soup

kale curry sweet potatoes4

I do realize I make a LOT of food with CURRY.  I make no apologies.  We LOVE it…  It’s easy to make food taste good with it… and quite frankly, I like when my house smells like a Thai restaurant!  I’m finally coming back to life after having a 24 hour bug that had me lifeless for a couple of days. Oddly enough… Curry, soup and lots of veggies was my craving after only eating toast and Gatorade. Continue reading


Thai Pineapple Veggie Peanut Bowl

We LOVE some Thai food around here!  For me, I enjoy making it at home versus going to a restaurant… but that’s just me!  This dish is super delicious and really quick to make once all of the veggies are chopped up.  I will warn you… Continue reading

Thai Beef – 3 Ways!

thai beef2

We LOVE Thai food around here, but we’ve gotten to where we really don’t eat out much anymore…for a couple of reasons:  1) We eat organic 100% of the time at home and when you go out to eat, you don’t always know what you’re eating.  2) We have an 18 month old little girl that has a very small attention span.  Eating a long, leisurely meal doesn’t happen very much right now!  SO…when we’re craving something authentic, I get out my recipe books and start brainstorming! Continue reading