I’m going to be brutally honest here… My husband has been wanting to go to Cuba for 2 years… really since Obama lifted the embargo.  Personally, it wasn’t on my radar.  I did NOT care one bit about going to Cuba.  We live in Miami for crying out loud – where EVERYTHING is Cuban.  Continue reading


Denmark & Sweden


We took our very first family – party of 3 – vacation to Denmark and Sweden in November of 2016.  I feel like I say this on every trip… BUT…this was quite possibly our best trip yet.  I think because we learn so much of the do’s and don’t do’s from each trip before it makes the next one even better!  Continue reading



In May of 2015, me and my hubby went to Ireland for our honeymoon!  I know, I know… You’re probably thinking, “That doesn’t sound very romantic!”  Well… it was!  It was actually one of the BEST – if not the BEST trip we’ve ever been on together! Continue reading