15 minute Teriyaki Salmon

teriyaki salmon

Happy Be-lated Memorial Day!!  Who needs a healthy dinner idea to get back on track after the holiday weekend of barbecuing, eating sweets, and having one too many cocktails?!   My hand is raised HIGH!  Continue reading



I have FINALLY jumped on the “Cauli-Rice” bandwagon and I’m not sad about it.  I wasn’t too sure how I was going to like this…as I’m not a big fan of cauliflower at all unless it’s smashed like a potato and smothered in butter and cream.  Oh, but this!!!  This little side dish is SO much healthier and it’s filled with lots of colorful veggies .  Y’all know I like to eat the rainbow.  There’s something about the sesame oil that gives it that fried rice taste that I LOVE.  AND to make things even better, you can buy the cauliflower already ‘riced’ (freezer section) so now you don’t have to worry about getting cauliflower all over your kitchen when you rice it yourself!  I’ll definitely be making this on a regular basis and I hope you do too!  🙂 Continue reading


moroccan chicken5

Grilling season is upon us…unless you live in a super warm place where you can grill all year long!  This dish is PERFECT for grilling or putting on a smoker.  BUT due to the fact that we can’t have a grill on our patio, I had to cook my Moroccan Chicken in doors.  Sad day… but regardless, it turned out deeeeeelicious!!!   So, if you’re grilling on this lovely holiday weekend – THIS chicken should definitely be on your grill!!!  Continue reading

Falafel with a Lemon Tahini Sauce


We LOVE LOVE LOVE Middle Eastern food around here.  Like – love it.  There’s a great restaurant in Fort Lauderdale that we go to… they have the BEST hummus and falafel.  I love everything about Middle Eastern food.  The spices… the HUMMUS…the meat and rice… I’m really not even a big rice eater, but for some reason I love the spices they put on it.  If you’re not into all the meat, there’s always great vegetarian/vegan options.  And now that I’ve made Falafel – it’s my new favorite thing to eat. Continue reading

Chicken Casserole

chicken casserole3

Who doesn’t love a casserole?!  Being from the South, I believe casseroles are a staple ingredient at every family function, holiday, birthday, or even a week night supper.  My mama made casseroles quite often growing up… we LOVED them!  But let’s be honest… most casseroles are not the most healthy thing in the world.  A lot of them are filled with ooey-gooey cream of whatever soup.  Which if you ever read the ingredients list on those, they’re filled with god-awful things people call food.   Now days, I steer clear of those processed foods and try to come up with new and healthy ways of bringing back good, old fashioned food that makes me happy and reminds me of my childhood!  Continue reading

Red Curry Thai Soup

Yes.  It’s the middle of May, 90 degrees, with I’m pretty sure 150% humidity, and I made SOUP for dinner.  Not just any soup.  A spicy, Thai soup.  I wasn’t sure how my husband was going to respond to this, but after his first bite – he immediately boasted of how much he liked my spicy Thai soup in the middle of summer in Miami.  SCORE!!! Continue reading

Loaded Lemony-Blueberry Vegan Muffins

Loaded Lemon-Blueberry Vegan Muffins…. Say that 3 times fast!  It’s a mouthful to say, yes.  But let me just tell ya, these muffins are AMAZING.  So amazing that my husband ate THREE of them in one sitting.  He came in from work, saw muffins on the counter and divulged in the lemony-blueberry, crispy on the top, soft on the inside, melt in your mouth muffin.  I won’t lie.  I had two myself. Continue reading